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2020 was the year for me, Meredith – Bakeher.
In March, I was furloughed from both of my jobs. My unemployment $ was nowhere in sight & I knew I had to do something to survive, so I pulled Phyllis (my sourdough start) from the fridge & began baking & posting about it. Soon my California peeps found out I was baking bread again & they ordered & I began shipping & soon the word spread & I was shipping to 15 different states weekly.

In April, I found a commissary kitchen to bake out of. Slowly, I picked up wholesale accounts & added those on top of weekly orders.

During the summer, I had a pop-up shop in front of the kitchen every weekend & met amazing people who are still our customers.

I met Jeanne at my pop up & we became friends instantly. She had been gluten-free for 7 years for health reasons & tried my bread. She couldn’t believe she didn’t have any physical reaction after eating it. She began hanging out with me at the kitchen during my 18-hour shifts. She saw that I was growing & needed more room & more time as I had 1 & 1/2 days there to work. Jeanne is also a business developer & realtor so she started looking for a space for me.

In November, we found our space & became business partners. While negotiating the lease, I got Covid & had to shut down for 2 weeks – but everything came together during that time.

We moved into 12646 W Fairview on December 3 & then Jeanne got Covid. She worked on business things from home & I kept baking.

When she came back we were stronger together & it was amazing to have a partner who wasn’t necessarily a baker, but she rolled up her sleeves & helped keep up with wholesale & special orders. I have to say, she has made things happen & this Bakeher got her bakery & it’s exactly what I had imagined it would be & better.


Made Fresh Daily

Organic Digestible Sourdough Bread

We are a sourdough bakery that uses long fermentation to create gut-friendly baked goods. Our wild yeast is 23 years old, who is fed twice a day. We sell croissants, cruffins, challah, pizza dough, french silk pies, hand pies, english muffins, loaves of sourdough. We take special orders for cakes and pies.

We post our menu weekly, you can order by Noon Wednesday and curbside pick up Friday from 11 am-3 pm.

Serving The Community GOOD Bread

Is there any food more basic, beautiful & historical than bread?
Bread was essential to the formation of early human societies.
The cultivation of domesticated wheat spread North, South & East which in turn led to the formation of towns as opposed to the nomadic lifestyle. This led to more sophisticated forms of societal organization.
Bread has existed in different forms throughout history.
Bread is community, bread breaks language barriers, bread is cultural, bread is sacred, bread is a peace offering…GOOD bread is nutritious & feeds our bodies.
Here at Wild Phyllis Bakery, we believe in GOOD bread.
We use the finest organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.
Fermented, Digestible, Gut-Friendly Breads, Pastries, & Pasta.
It’s exciting to be a part of that history!
tHis is our art

What Our Bakery Offers

Only The Best Ingredients

Original Recipes

Everything By Hand

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