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Organic Digestible Sourdough Baked Goodies
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Organic digestible LONG FERMENTED sourdough baked goodies. Gluten-sensitive people are able to eat our Sourdough baked goods.

Made Fresh Daily
Thursday- Saturday

Baked Goods

Digestible Sourdough Baguettes

These are perfect for Nosh boxes, Charcuterie & Cheese boards,
organic & gut-friendly.


Digestible Sourdough Bread

Bread is community, bread breaks language barriers, bread is cultural, bread is sacred, bread is a peace offering. Here at Wild Phyllis Bakery, we believe in GOOD bread. We use the finest organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Digestible Sourdough Cruffins

Filled with chocolate pastry cream laced with Hot Koa Raw Superfood Honey and topped with some whipped cream, black cocoa powder & cacao nibs. 

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